NEW BEER coming in May 18! Kallio Supermän - Red Ale - also Amarone special edition -

!!! Next summer beer is Oolong Johnson!!!

What is all this?!

Kallio Brewery creates limited edition craft beers and other beverages with a wicked passion. These beverages taste refreshing and natural, and they are fantastic to taste and enjoy with food. We enjoy nature and I’m well aware of the great aromas that wild nature, especially the forest, can produce. Every country has its own unique character, a palette of tastes that cannot be created anywhere else. I want to discover these ingredients and create unique flavours that have never been tasted before.


Craft Brewer Olavi Mensio

I’m a chef, a craft brewer, and a wine producer by education. I’ve been successfully creating new recipes at my product development facility by a historical red canyon in Southern Finland, where I can constantly study new ingredients and flavours and share them with fabulous people. I’m always thirsty for a new cheer!


Wow! What`s this!?


Madáhàn, Supermän, Oolong Johnson, Fit Burd, Night Hag


  The first ever Italian-Finnish collaboration craft beer is born!!! Birra Amiata, a craft brewery in Tuscany, Italy, and Kallio Artisan Brewery from Finland, have created an Italian-style craft beer, based on an ancient Finnish beer style called SAHTI.

Say Kippis!Salute!Cheers!

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